Arts, Culture & Heritage in Sechelt

The District of Sechelt takes pride in supporting a vibrant arts and culture community. The  annual Sechelt Arts Festival supports both local and off-Coast artists and performers working in all genres.

In August of each year the Sunshine Coast Festival of the Written Arts draws crowds of bibliophiles from across Canada.  This 4-day event is the longest running writers festival in Canada and showcases the work of both established and emerging Canadian authors.

Sechelt Heritage 

Development of current town of Sechelt started in the 1890's.  Go to the Sechelt Heritage webpage for more information , ranging from recent history to Sechelt's oldest heritage.  Along the waterfronts of Sechelt, heritage plaques display some historic highlights. These signs can also be viewed on the Sechelt Heritage webpage.

History of the Arts, Culture and Heritage Advisory Committee

The Arts, Culture and Heritage Advisory Committee (ACHAC) waa first formed as the Arts & Culture Committee in 1997. The ‘Heritage’ component was added in 2007. This was a group of volunteers who had been appointed by Council, plus one non-voting Liaison position filled by a representative from the Sunshine Coast Arts Council. The mandate of the ACHAC was to prepare, implement and, on an ongoing basis, review and revise an Arts, Culture and Heritage Strategic Plan for the District of Sechelt.

In November of 2012 District Council chose to dissolve the ACHAC in favour of moving towards a Committee of the Whole structure. Mayor and Council thank the numerous volunteers who volunteered their time with the Committee.

Sunshine Coast Regional Cultural Strategy

In 2007 the Coast-wide Sunshine Coast Regional Cultural Strategy was developed by a group of dedicated community members in partnership with local government and with funding provided by 2010 Legacies Now and the federal government.