Budget Information

The District of Sechelt has begun the 2018 Budget Process. The Community Charter requires that local governments approve a Five Year Financial Plan bylaw each year prior to the adoption of the annual property tax bylaw.  The Financial Plan is also commonly referred to as “The Budget”.

We want to hear from you.  Ask a question or send in your comments for Council's consideration. 

The District of Sechelt: How Does it Really Work? In September 2018, Sunshine Coast ElderCollege hosted a 2-part lecture on local government. Click here to download a PDF of the presentation by the Finance Department.

eTown Hall - February 20, 2018: A Town Hall event was held on February 20th to offer the public the opportunity to ask questions and provide input on the 2018 budget. We experienced technical difficulties with the live stream to YouTube and the video/audio recording. As such, we are posting the complete PowerPoint presentation, Q&A, and the partial audio recording here:

Please send us your questions and feedback by email to budget@sechelt.ca.